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9th November, 2017

Guard who injured Ligetvédõ activist punished

A judge has sentenced a security guard who injured a Ligetvédõ activist in June last year to 250 hours of community work, the Capital Prosecutor General’s Office said in a statement relayed to ATV on Wednesday.

The verdict is open to appeal.

According to the indictment the defendant was working as a security guard on a construction site sealed off during the demolition of the Transport Museum in the City Park on June 30, 2016, when a Ligetvédõ activist protesting against the reconstruction of the park climbed on top of a building. The security guards asked him to descend but the activist refused to comply. Consequently, one of the security guards who was also on the roof punched the activist in the stomach and he fell to the ground, suffering injuries.

The district prosecution charged the security guard with the misdemeanour of hooliganism causing light physical injury. Pest Central District Court agreed with the prosecution and without going to trial meted out community work as a penalty.

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