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20th October, 2017

MTelekom, Ericsson test ultra fast 5G technology

Mobile operator Magyar Telekom and network developer Ericsson staged the first presentation of 5G technology at the Swedish company’s R&D network in Budapest.

The download speed achieved was a staggering 22Gbp/s, which is some 20 times faster then what is currently available.

“Setting the standards for 5G technology could continue until 2019-2020, Ericsson Magyarország CEO Gábor Éry said. The first areas where it would be used would be the manufacturing, robotic technology, transport, healthcare and agricultural industry, he added.

The network developer sees huge business opportunities in 5G. “5G represents a whole new conception – the merger of fixed and mobile communications”, said Magyar Telekom chief technology officer Kim Kyllesbech Larsen.

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