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16th October, 2017

Tesco wage agreement reached

After multiple rounds of negotiations UK-based hypermarket chain Tesco accepted unions’ demand on wages and an increase in staff, it was announced on Friday.

Tesco will retroactively raise the monthly wages of its lowest-earning employees from September 1 to a gross Ft 179,000; with fringe benefits the amount will rise to Ft 220,000.

The two trade unions of Tesco – KDFSZ and KASZ – held two days of nationwide strikes in the second week of September after previous rounds of wage talks failed.

Unions called for the strike after their demands for a 25% wage hike and a 15% staff increase were not met and said they also demanded a cap on the number of people employed by contractors.

Tesco also vowed to increase payroll by several hundred, another union demand.

The UK grocer said that it has spent Ft 9 billion on wage increases in the last two years and recently earmarked Ft 150 million for employee training.

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