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5th October, 2017

EC steps up pressure over CEU law

The European Commission on Wednesday said in a statement that it expects changes in the CEU law within two weeks.

It sent a reasoned opinion with a supplementary explanation to the cabinet requesting clarifications in the text of the act.

The Venice Commission has already called on Hungary not to insist on an international agreement with a country of origin, and to delete an unjustified regulation pertaining to the use of name.

The European Commission said it is giving the cabinet two weeks to provide an assuring answer or else – like the act on NGOs, – it will turn to the European Court of Justice.

The Central European University has met all other conditions set by the cabinet after it signed a memorandum of understanding with Bard College in New York and can therefore pursue educational activity in the state of New York as well.

Now it is for the cabinet to ratify the agreement which allows the further operation of the CEU in Budapest and Hungary.

In recent weeks or even months, the cabinet has removed the CEU issue from the political agenda and toned down related disputes, 444 observes.

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