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20th March, 2020

Ministers strive to help freight traffic

Continued efforts are being made to secure freight transport, which is necessary to ensure supply and the functioning of the economy, Foreign Affairs Minister Peter Szijjártó said after consulting his Czech, Slovak and Austrian counterparts on Thursday.

He said he had asked his Austrian counterpart to have cargo and passenger traffic separated on the Austrian side of the Hegyes¬halom-Nickelsdorf border crossing so that those waiting to transit through Hungary would not block freight traffic.

Szijjártó and his Austrian colleague agreed to help ensure that those waiting for the night transit would not hinder daytime traffic in or out of the country at Hegyeshalom.

On another matter, he said an agreement was reached on regulating the border crossing of Hungarian and Slovak citizens, as there are close communities divided by the border.

The minister added that, in order to reduce waiting time for freight traffic, three border posts are open for trucks instead of the two previously designated border crossings.

Szijjártó also said that a reopening of the Komárno border crossing point was discussed.

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