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27th November, 2019

Police investigate sale of Audi land

National Bureau of Investigations detectives have impounded documents and files related to the sale of land bought for the construction of an Audi Logistics Centre near Győr.

The land may have been bought for Ft 1.5 billion and then sold for Ft 7 billion after it was rezoned for industrial use.

Transparency International and others have formally alleged that former mayor Zsolt Borkai, who recently left Fidesz, and his lawyer Zoltán Rákosfalvy bought and sold the land designated for the expansion of the German company’s car factory based on inside information.

If they had not had inside information, then it would not have made sense to have the previous owners sign a secrecy statement,” said Transparency International legal affairs director Miklós Ligeti.

The National Police said it is investigating suspected misuse of funds and other crimes.

Sources regularly consulted, with abbreviations used in text: Népszabadság (N); Magyar Hírlap (MH); Világgazdaság (VG); Napi Gazdaság (NG); Magyar Nemzet (MN); Népszava (Nsz); Kossuth Rádió news (KR); nightly TV news (TV).

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