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21st October, 2019

Karácsony plans public party

The opposition parties, which have often staged anti-government rallies on October 23, will this year take advantage of the holiday to celebrate their successes in the local elections.

New Budapest mayor Gergely Karácsony, announced the gathering on his Facebook page. The name of the event is “Where you are free, you are home – Budapest belongs to everyone”.

Visitors can listen to Karácsony’s speech and a performance by rock group Quimby at the “party” taking place on the parking lot of the City Hall.

“Ten days have passed since we took Budapest back. We shall take back the years taken from us, give Budapest back to its citizens, and give room to the right of opinion and contribution to our common affairs and create a living metropolis, greener and more liveable,” Karácsony added.

Karácsony complained at a press conference last week that City Hall uses one of the city’s most central squares as a parking lot, and said the space is to be converted into a park, “an open, free, walkable space”.

Budapest’s new city council is going to pass a decision to this effect at its first meeting.

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