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12th June, 2019

Hableány lifted from Danube

The floating crane Ádám Clark lifted the tourist ship Hableány (Mermaid) from the Danube on Tuesday, and later placed it onto a barge.

Workers tried to keep the wreckage in a fixed position as it was lifted from the water to avoid the ship from breaking into pieces. The ship’s body remained intact, and 900 litres of water per minute were pumped out of it. The swollen Danube had pushed large quantities of mud into the wreckage.

During the operation, four more bodies were found including the Hungarian captain of the ship and a six-year-old South Korean girl who had arrived in Budapest with her grandparents and mother.

The bodies of four more passengers are still being sought.

The Hableány was later delivered to a port in Csepel where shipping, nautical and technical experts as well as staff from the prosecutors’ office will examine the wreckage, National Police spokesman Kristóf Gál told a press briefing on Margit Bridge on Tuesday.

Gál said that at the request of the interior minister, the number of police officers taking part in the search for remaining victims has been doubled.

The Ukrainian captain of the hotel ship which struck the Hableány, causing the disaster, is currently the only suspect, he said.

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