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5th June, 2019

Danube yields two more victims of boat disaster

Divers recovered another body from the wreckage of the tourist boat Hableány and police retrieved another body 58km downstream on Tuesday.

The confirmed death toll from the May 29 collision of the Hableány with a larger Viking River Cruise ship rose to 11 of the 35 people on board, with seven known survivors and 18 unaccounted for and presumed dead.

The two bodies recovered on Monday were identified as two of the 33 South Korean tourists on board the Hableány at the time of the accident, one a man in his 60s, the other a woman in her 50s.

South Korean officials announced in Budapest yesterday that they will start sending home the remains of the victims.

As the waters of the swollen Danube begin to recede, detailed work is due to begin Wednesday to assess the wreckage so as to work out how to bring it to the surface.

A crane with the required capacity to lift the wreck is expected to be deployed on the weekend, once the water falls to the required level.

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