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13th November, 2018

Stricter guest registration rules ahead for hotels

Deputy prime minister Zsolt Semjén and cabinet minister Antal Rogán have filed a bill in Parliament to modify the law on tourism to require accommodation providers to report detailed information about their guests.

HVG wrote last week that accommodations will have to report the names of guests, their birthdates and ID numbers to a new body, the Tourism Data Centre, and that the data collected will be accessible to the police, tax authorities and the authority overseeing foreign visitors.

The new data centre’s software will collect “aggregated and de-personalised” tourism data from all accommodation providers.

The government information centre said this data collection model is used in Austria, Germany, France and Croatia.

At present, commercial accommodations report data to the Central Statistics Office and to the local government, which collects the tourism tax.

The establishment of the Tourism Data Centre is aimed at countering the grey economy, the government information centre said.

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