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24th October, 2018

Sports aircraft maker to start production soon

Magnus Aircraft will begin production at its plant in Pécs at the end of October, CEO László Boros announced on Friday.

Magnus was the first company in the world to develop a two-seater aircraft made from composite materials and capable of aerobatics.

The company was awarded a Ft 2 billion government grant for the Ft 5.2 billion investment.

The 1,900m2 assembly plant will have the capacity to turn out 100 aircraft a year, Boros said.

Magnus has already started the second phase of the investment: construction of a 5,000m2 composite parts plant that will boost annual capacity to 200 aircraft.

Phase2 is expected to be completed by the spring of 2019.

Magnus employs about 50 people at present, but headcount will climb to at least 115 when the parts plant is completed.

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