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24th September, 2018

All doctors resign at intensive ward

All five doctors gave 45 days notice of their resignation from the intensive ward of Ajka hospital on Thursday, ATV reported.

ATV said their work was made impossible by the resignation of all nurses from the intensive ward two weeks ago. The nurses were replaced by pensioners and staff transferred from other wards, but the lack of experienced nurses made the work of the physicians difficult.

The hospital management has not commented on the resignation of the five doctors.

The State Health Care Supply Centre said in a statement that Ft 5 billion worth of development projects have been implemented at the Ajka hospital since 2010, thanks to which the hospital has been renovated and a new emergency service created.

The statement also said that the affected doctors had come forward with such a high wage demand that its approval would have caused major tension and problems in the everyday work of hospital staff.

Hospital management said it will make sure that the five are replaced in the 45 days remaining until their departure.

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