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20th July, 2018

Objections raised to plans to move Nagy statue

Katalin Jánosi, the granddaughter of 1956 prime minister Imre Nagy, on Thursday objected to a government plan to move the statue of the martyred premier from Vértanúk tere near Parliament to Jászai Mari tér.

The plan was announced by Tamás Wachsler, head of the state company assigned to renovate the square.

The Nagy Imre Society said it was shocked. When a similar plan was announced earlier, it said, one of the initiators and financiers of the statue, the recently deceased Sándor Demján, objected as did the general public.

“The plan was removed from the agenda, we hoped permanently,” the statement said.

The Society highlighted that the statue was not erected by the state or the city but by three individuals, and that its location was determined by a highly prestigious committee.

“Relocating the statue would deprive it of its significance, not only as regards history and the cityscape but also the original artistic concept,” the statement said.

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