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16th July, 2018

Baja plant shuts down after listeria deaths

Greenyard, a global supplier of frozen fruits and vegetables, has closed its Hungarian plant after recent cases of food poisoning across Europe were traced to products originating at the unit in Baja.

Hungarian food safety authority Nébih on Friday asked the Belgian company to “stop all marketing and to recall from its customers and consumers all frozen products that had been produced in this plant between the period of August 2016 and June 2018, based on a potential listeria contamination when frozen products are not properly cooked,” the company said.

The European Food Safety Authority said on June 29 that listeria had been detected in samples of frozen vegetables from the Hungarian plant, which led to the deaths of nine people since 2015.

“Greenyard has taken all possible additional measures to preserve food safety, among others recall of the products, closure of the Hungarian plant and additional tests and analyses," its statement said.

Last week Hungarian retailers Tesco, Penny Market and Aldi withdrew Greenyard’s frozen vegetable products from their shelves.

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