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5th March, 2018

New country image in the pipeline

Various experts are “working around the clock” to help the Tourism Agency (MTÜ) come up with a “new country-brand for Hungary” that could define foreigners’ image of the country for several decades to come, MTÜ head Zoltán Güller told state TV channel M1.

The experts include János Csák, former ambassador to London, Kati Zoób, fashion designer, Csaba Káel, cultural institute Palace of Arts’ CEO, and Ráhel Orbán, the eldest daughter of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, who has studied tourism at the École Hoteliere Lausanne, 444 writes.

There is more to Hungary’s appeal, to Budapest’s in particular, than its buzzing social life, baths, and gastronomy, Güller said.

“Respecting classical European values such as family, traditions, and security is still important in Budapest,” he said.

The MTÜ will launch an image campaign focusing on Budapest in May in the 12 countries from where the highest number of tourists arrive, he added.

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