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14th November, 2017

Harassment a common phenomenon

Two-thirds of women and half of men have been harassed in some way, according to a poll conducted by Závecz Research which was commissioned by Index. This data shows that harassment is a common phenomenon in Hungary, website 24 argues.

According to the data women experience abuse, assault and harassment much more than men. Physical assault is the only offence that men suffer more. Men and women were equally exposed to abuse of personal data, insults and humiliation.

Women experienced harassment in a much higher proportion than men, according to the data.

Some 350,000 women, about 8% of Hungarian women, were molested sexually during their lifetime.

There are some 1.5 million women who according to their own admission received unsolicited sexual remarks which were inappropriate.

Some 15% of women said they had been followed or spied upon, while while 7% of men had experienced such an episode.

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