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National Judicial Council: Hando violated the law
3rd May, 2018
The national judicial council OBT, the supervisory body of the national judicial office OBH, held a meeting on Wednesday. The OBT’s main task is to supervise Tunde Hando, the OBH’s president.
Home sales rise April
3rd May, 2018
The number of homes, old and new, sold in April totalled 13,180, up 6% on the year, property agency Duna House estimated on Wednesday.
Analysts forecast falling MOL earnings
3rd May, 2018
Analysts are expecting MOL to post a decline in its first-quarter earnings due to higher refining costs, Vilaggazdasag wrote after polling 10 analysts.
Whiskey Robber movie wins prizes
3rd May, 2018
The movie The Whiskey Robber, directed by Nimrod Antal, won two prizes; the Coup de Coeur prize and the prize of the youth films jury, at the international Police Film Festival in Liege, Belgium.

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