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Orban campaigns in Godollo
10th October, 2019
Prime Minister Viktor Orban met with Fidesz mayoral candidate Csaba Kolozs during a visit to Godollo on Wednesday, following his Tuesday campaign trip to Miskolc.
50,000 Hungarians hope to stay in UK
10th October, 2019
The number of foreign EU citizens applying for long-term residence permits in Great Britain has reached two million, according to data released by the British Home Office on Wednesday.
Valor Hungariae helps patent office
10th October, 2019
Valor Hungariae, a state company promoting Hungarian innovation, ideas and invention abroad, has signed a co-operation agreement with the intellectual property patent office SZTNH.
Gas explosion destroys homes
10th October, 2019
A gas blast in an apartment building in Szekszard, southern Hungary on Wednesday damaged up to 30 flats, Nepszava reports.

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