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Bavarian proposal could keep CEU in Budapest
14th March, 2019
A proposal from the Technical University of Munich could enable the Central European University to circumvent recent Hungarian legislation and continue to issue US degrees while operating in Budapest, HVG reports.
Government reducing financial transaction tax
14th March, 2019
The government is placing an Ft 800 ceiling on the financial transaction tax paid by banks on transfers by private persons of Ft 20,000 or more, according to a bill filed by Finance Minister Mihaly Varga in Parliament on Tuesday.
MNB prepares to close NHB bank
14th March, 2019
The MNB appears to be preparing to shut down the troubled NHB bank, website Menedzsment Forum reports.
Top German executive beaten by restaurant security guards
14th March, 2019
The head of one of Germany’s largest car manufacturers was beaten by security guards in Budapest’s party zone, suffering severe injuries, last Friday night.

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